hydro facial in new work


  • Swedish (1/2 hour: $50 | 1 hour: $80 | 1 1/2 hour: $120) – The most common technique for stress reduction. We are the baker and you are the dough. We’ll knead your aches and worries away.
  • Deep Tissue (1/2 hour: $50 | 1 hour: $80 | 1 1/2 hour: $120) – Can’t turn your head? Just standing up hurts… and sitting down doesn’t feel so good either? This is the massage for you! You’ll feel better when you walk out than you did when you limped in.
  • Shiatsu (1 hour: $85 | 1 1/2 hour: $125) – Picture this: you lying on a mat on the floor with the therapist using knees, elbows and palms to release tension by working pressure points and meridians. Trust us, it’s awesome!
  • Pregnancy (1/2 hour: $50 | 1 hour: $80 | 1 1/2 hour: $120) – Gentlemen, feel free to skip to the next technique. Ladies… Bun in the oven? Enjoy a face down massage on a specially made table that allows you and baby safety and comfort while you receive a much needed massage.
  • Reflexology (1/2 hour: $55) – Get ready to dance because your feet will feel lighter than ever! This ancient technique works the feet only, using pressure points that affect the entire body.
  • Couples Massage – (1/2 hour: $100 | 1 hour: $160| 1 1/2 hour: $240) – Massage for two, side by side. Bring a lover or a friend…
  • Poultice Herbal Massage (1 hour: $100) – This massage incorporates the use of a steamed herbal ball infused with Turmeric, Lemongrass, Tamarind, and Camphor along with acupressure point therapy to your back, neck, head and face.
  • Poultice Herbal Massage (1 1/2 hour: $140) – This full body massage also incorporates the use of a steamed herbal ball along with acupressure point therapy throughout your whole body. Light joint release stretches are also included to help relieve stress and tension.
  • Hot Rock (1 hour: $90 | 1 1/2 hour: $130) – Warm, smooth stones enhance your massage as your muscles are loosened and you simply melt away… and possibly drool on the pillow.
  • Off Premise Chair Massage- Please call to inquire